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 CRememberFactionManagerAdventure Creator Remember script for FactionManager
 CRememberFactionMemberAdventure Creator Remember script for FactionMember
 CAlwaysFaceCameraAlways keeps the GameObject facing the main camera
 CAutoSaveLoadAuto-saves when the game closes and auto-loads when the game opens
 CCollisionEventInvokes events on collision enter and exit
 CCursorControlMethods to hide and show the cursor
 CDataSerializerAbstract base class for serializers that serialize objects to strings and deserialize strings back into objects
 CDataSynchronizerUses the MessageSystem to keep data synchronized between a source and a listener
 CDestructibleSaverSaves when a GameObject has been destroyed or disabled
 CDictionaryExtensionsExtension methods for generic dictionaries
 CDiskSavedGameDataStorerImplements SavedGameDataStorer using local disk files
 CGameTimeThis is a wrapper around Unity's Time class that allows you to specify a mode: UnityStandard (Time.time), Realtime (Time.realtimeSinceStartup), or Manual (you set the time values each frame)
 CGlobalTextTableMaintains a reference to a global TextTable that other scripts can use
 CHelpBoxAttributeAttribute to draw a help box
 CIMessageHandlerInterface for MessageSystem message handlers
 CInputDeviceManagerThis script checks for joystick and keyboard input
 CJsonDataSerializerImplementation of DataSerializer that uses JsonUtility
 CListExtensionsExtension methods for generic lists
 CLocalizeUITextLocalizes a Unity UI element using a TextTable
 CLODManagerImplements a Level of Detail (LOD) system according to distance from the player
 CMessageArgsThis struct is passed to listeners of the MessageSystem when a message is sent
 CMessageArgsEventProvides a in-editor way to listen for messages and invoke events when they occur, and to send a message on demand
 CMessageSystemGeneral purpose listener model message system
 CMoreGizmosProvides more drawing routines for gizmos
 CMorePhysics2DProvides more routines for Physics2D
 CPlayerPrefsSavedGameDataStorerImplements SavedGameDataStorer using PlayerPrefs
 CPoolThis generic class implements an object pool
 CPositionSaverSaves a GameObject's position
 CSafeConvertConversion methods that return default values instead of throwing exceptions
 CSavedGameDataHolds the data for a saved game
 CSavedGameDataStorerAbstract base class for "storage providers" that store saved game data somewhere, such as PlayerPrefs or a disk file
 CSaverAbstract base class for a "saver", which is a component that contributes to saved game data
 CSaveSystemThis is the main Save System class
 CSaveSystemMethodsProvides inspector-selectable methods to control SaveSystem
 CScenePortalChanges scenes, either by calling UsePortal() or OnTriggerEnter
 CScriptableObjectUtilityUtility functions for creating ScriptableObjects
 CSpawnedObjectA spawned object or spawnable prefab
 CSpawnedObjectManagerManages spawned objects for a scene
 CStringAssetA StringAsset is a ScriptableObject that encapsulates a string
 CStringFieldA StringField is an object that can refer to a string, StringAsset, or field in a TextTable
 CStringFieldTextAreaAttributeAttribute to draw a StringField's text value as a multi-line text area
 CTagMaskA list of tags
 CTextTableA TextTable is a 2D table of languages and fields
 CTextTableEditorWindowCustom editor window for TextTable
 CTextTableFieldA field in a TextTable
 CTimedEventInvokes an event after a specified duration
 CTriggerEventInvokes events on trigger enter and exit
 CUIAnimatorMonitorInvokes a callback method when an animator has entered and then exited a specified trigger state
 CUIButtonKeyTriggerThis script adds a key or button trigger to a Unity UI Selectable
 CUIPanelManages a UI panel
 CUIScrollbarEnablerEnables a scrollbar only if the content is larger than the scroll rect
 CUITextColorThis script provides methods to change a Text element's color
 CUITextFieldA UITextField can refer to a UI.Text or TMPro.TextMeshProUGUI